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PS5 - InputSystem devices are not removed properly when pad turned off with application in background



Summary: on PS5, with Run In Background disabled, when the gamepad is turned off with the application in the background, the input system device is not removed. Instead, it remains in the devices list in "enabled" state.

- Unity 2019.4.39f1, "com.unity.inputsystem": "1.3.0", com.unity.inputsystem.ps5-0.1.10-preview
- With "Run In Background" DISABLED in Player Settings
- Build project in Development mode and run on PS5 devkit (either PC Hosted or Package)

1. Hold the PS button on the controller to return to the dash
2. Press the PS button to bring up the bottom menu
3. Select Accessories and turn off the controller
4. Press the PS button to turn on the controller again
5. Go to the Switcher and return to the Unity application
6. Notice the error "PS4 gamepad with same slotIndex already added"
7. In the log output from the LogInputSystemDevices script, notice that there are now two InputSystem devices, both enabled

Every time steps 1-5 are repeated, another device is added to the list.
The Input System Package Update Mode setting does not make any difference.
The workaround in this pull request does not fix the problem: [|]

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