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[PLM] Wrong estimate of Lightmapper baking progress

Global Illumination


On some projects containing a lot of lightmaps and static objects, the lightmap convergence shown in the lighting tab while baking shows an overestimate of the numbers of lightmap to be baked.

This is causing an overestimate of the baking time as well as a sudden jump to completion when baking lightmaps.

As you can see in the attached video (BUG-overestimate-atlases.mp4), lightmap convergence estimate the bake to contains 14 lightmaps while at the end there is only 12.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Download ArchVizPro Vol. 6 at
2. Open the project with latest trunk
3. You can set lower baking spp for faster repro I used 8/8/8 (direct/indirect/env)
4. You can set fewer bounces for faster repro I used 1/1 (min bounces/max bounces)
5. You can disable Filtering/denoising


- Make sure to setup lightmap resolution to 100
- Make sure to setup lightmap padding to 4
- Make sure to setup Max lightmap size to 2048
- It does repro with either CPU or GPU Lightmapper, the bug is probably in PVRRuntimeManager

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