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[MacOS] Standalone Player crashes at launch when the width / height is set to 0.



When the Standalone Player width / height is set to 0, the Player crashes at launch.

Due to the Screenmanager info is saved in the file named in Bundle Identifier, and the setting does not update automatically when create new project. Several projects can end up sharing the same .plist file.
If one of them set the Player height/width to 0, it affects all other projects with the default Bundle Identifier settings, creating the illusion that "all projects crash at launch."

Repro step:
1. Open 2018.2.0b11 Unity Build with an existing project or create a new one.
2. Build the standalone player with height/width set to 0.
3. Launch the built Player.

It seems the crash has nothing to do with the Player Settings.
Though it crashes for both Metal and OpenGL Graphic APIs, it crashes for different reasons.

More information will be in the comment sections for better separation.

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