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Instantiating a prefab after creating a list with type "ResourceRequest" after a while loop crashes the Editor




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 1Crash, freeze, data loss, work stops

Repro steps:

1. Open the project attached by me
2. Enter/Exit Play mode until crash happens

Expected result: For the object to be instantiated without any errors or crashes
Actual result: The Editor crashes when object is instantiated

Reproduced with: 5.4.5p1, 5.5.3p1, 5.6.0p3, 2017.1.0b4
Regression introduced in: 5.4.0f3
Did not reproduce on: 5.3.8f1, 5.5.3p2, 5.6.0p4

The crash is somewhat rare and happens randomly
The versions where I reproduced,it definitely crashes,but I'm not sure about the other ones,because of the rarity of the crash
Added crash.dmp and error.log
The error happens in the "Test_script" script, at lines 9-16
The crash is very specific and only happens when all three criteria are met:
1) Have a while loop
2) Create a list
3) Instantiate object from "ResourceRequest"

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