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GameObject selection inside Prefab causes Editor lag/freeze



In this scene a prefab is causing massive delays in the Editor when selecting any object inside the prefab. The most drastic case is a ~10k LightProbeGroup.

How to reproduce:

1) Create a new project (HDRP or Legacy)
2) Import the "PrefabIssue" package
3) Open the "GPUProbes/TestScenes/DenseProbesTest" scene
4) Unfold the "Lighting" prefab and select the "Light Probe Group"
5) Observe Editor lag (other objects cause hiccups as well)

6) Copy the Light Probe Group in the prefab and paste it into the scene
7) Select it and observer it renders smoothly

Expected behavior: Editor runs as smooth as when a Light Probe Group isn't in a prefab.

Looking into the profiler, it seems that most of the rendering time is actually spent waiting on the CPU to finish updating dirty objects/scene updates.

I have only tested this in 2019.3.0a3, but I suspect earlier versions are affected as well. Important side info: Bonfire Studios currently faces this issue.

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