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Errors message at editor play

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Errors message at editor play

Repros: open scene1 press play in the editor and see following errors in the console:

In order to call GetTransformInfoExpectUpToDate, RendererUpdateManager.UpdateAll must be called first.

In order to call GetTransformInfoExpectUpToDate, RendererUpdateManager.UpdateAll must be called first.

fix in progress in this PR

Comments (116)

  1. B48f59299c49c9ed6ef6e20e437a1fde?d=mm


    Oct 02, 2019 21:13

    also experiencing this problem with Unity 2019.1.2

  2. F578411e8e1346ee01b1642caa4abfb8?d=mm


    Sep 22, 2019 05:03

    I'm still having this problem in Unity 2019.2.6 using LWRP. The layout change thing does seem to help though.

  3. A72985a7d6dd029c03e832b5d96a7a2f?d=mm


    Aug 29, 2019 12:02

    I take back what I wrote, as the error is also back. :( LWRP project here too. In my case, a GameObject is also not instantiated like before the error occurred.

  4. A72985a7d6dd029c03e832b5d96a7a2f?d=mm


    Aug 29, 2019 09:15

    I'm using unit 2019.1.10f1 now and had this error until I tried DivinosDev's solution of layout switching, now it seems that it's gone. Thank you, DivinosDev!

  5. 3a3e6c17c4ad5992f12d50ecc9782dc3?d=mm


    Aug 27, 2019 03:02

    This is not fixed for 2019.2.1 using LWRP

  6. 4990b86569ab9af1872176dd4133355f?d=mm


    Jul 23, 2019 07:18

    If you are on Unity 2019.x (LWRP) then you can try doing this. It worked for me. Change your current layout to something else. Hit play. Then while in play mode, change the layout back to what your default was. Exit play mode and then enter it again. The error should go away.

  7. 53bac73f6961e58d1e951eaeb226052e?d=mm


    Jul 18, 2019 08:54

    Tried deleting the layout but it didn't fix my case, I've been getting this in various 2019.1.x versions, currently on 2019.1.8 and still no fix.

  8. Db0e7008b21f50fe16d90cadb36d993c?d=mm


    Jun 13, 2019 00:41

    My solution was ridiculously easy thanks to previous post from DGOYETTE, with the exception of how I resolved the issue. I changed layouts, hit play, then changed layout back. Error gone.

  9. 31b1c20e5168001902d5234006186ec4?d=mm


    Jun 11, 2019 15:37

    I suddenly started getting this error in 2019.1.4, after having been using that version of Unity for several weeks without getting this error. It started occurring around the same time that I started having Unity crash fairly often doing completely normal things in the editor. Interesting, the crash reports I was getting, as well the error message in this issue, generally complained about some kind of OnGUI occurrence.

    I believe the root cause of these kinds of issues has to do with some kind of corruption of the editor Layout. When I start seeing crashes, or errors like this, Igo to "Window -> Layouts -> Revert Factory Settings..." and delete the layout. After doing so, I stopped getting this error entering playmode.

    So, for those still experiencing this issue in 2019+, try to delete your layout, and see if that helps.

  10. Bc75b90edcac1ec26cfd78a350b44d9f?d=mm


    Jun 11, 2019 11:03

    Still happening in 2019.2.0b4, didn't happen in 2019.2.0b3 and earlier.

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