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Disable editor keyboard shortcuts while playing




Priority: 7Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 0Severity not yet defined

Steps to reproduce :

- create a new project
- press play and press ctrl+s, notice the message in the console complaining that you can't save the scene while in play mode

Request :
Editor shortcuts should be disabled when in playmode.

Comments (45)

  1. 3397e68ad576561a47b6817e99101b13?d=mm


    Apr 10, 2019 19:44

    This introduces totally random errors to my in-game undo system which uses ctrl-z and ctrl-y... because the object hierarchy gets DESTROYED when I use it. Totally annoying, totally unacceptable. This is a NEEDED feature

  2. D3e82e6a007783c51dc2bacf8c0d7ed7?d=mm


    Apr 07, 2019 10:54

    +1 How is this still a thing mode than 6 years after it was reported?? How on earth do we create first person games if we can't use Ctrl+S or any combination relying on Alt?? This is insane.

  3. 784e69b90dfaa682bd63ed19cf54d8ab?d=mm


    Feb 28, 2019 17:39

    This fail is absurde, fix it.

  4. 7f71f6d0a671a5d914bb67be6dec8409?d=mm


    Jan 19, 2019 09:15

    Not fixed in the 2018.3.2f1 released on 2019/01/17...
    CTRL+Alpha1 (needed to select teams in all good RTS games selects the Scene Window in the Editor while in Game Mode… unbelievable …)

    Please fixe this ridiculus issue.

  5. Abf7b4a0795169d2a4f65d0f9529adbc?d=mm


    Jan 06, 2019 18:48

    THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, please stop postponing it. I would recommend implementing an option to enable/disable capturing of play-mode Unity shortcuts in the Preferences.

  6. D6b34354b8dc698d292d68cf58b5abab?d=mm


    Jan 04, 2019 21:46

    Insane that this has gone unresolved for so long.

    WASD movement + control to crouch = unity hijacking input to save the scene in play mode? Why!

  7. 1d282de1b665211893fccf9556b0e2dd?d=mm


    Dec 25, 2018 18:04

    It's still not working for me in 2018.3

  8. 6cb81dc38800a8d4c4397540cb29353c?d=mm


    Nov 12, 2018 12:14

    Really so frustrating -.-, There should be an option to disable all hotkeys during game mode...

  9. D877bd014e3011e8f09313c3984eb304?d=mm


    Nov 01, 2018 18:37

    Hey unity when is this gonna get fixed this is ridiculous

  10. 0d426ce2889b3509536fa0118bd1818d?d=mm


    Oct 05, 2018 17:19


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