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[Bolt] [Linux] Fuzzy Search filter drops inputs and responds slowly on Ubuntu 18.04

Package: Bolt


While on Ubuntu 18.04 and using the Fuzzy Search filter drops inputs and/or lags so badly that it is difficult to interact with. The search results take about a second to appear after typing a new character. The rest of Unity, including the rest of the Graph window respond quickly as normal, and is only the Fuzzy Search window that lags. Selecting the actual filter text box does not cause lagging issues. If there is already something in the filter box, moving over the word with the arrow keys or mouse also causes lagging/performance issues.

This issue is bad enough that I cannot use Bolt to test functionality on Ubuntu

Repro Steps:
1. On Ubuntu 18.04, install any 2020.1 build and use Bolt 1.4.13
2. Create a graph on any object
3. In the Graph window, right click to open the Fuzzy Search window
4. Select the filter text field and start typing
5. Observe that most inputs are dropped (When I tried I typed "Camera Position" and ended up with "o" or similar)

Expected results:
User is able to input a filter without dropping inputs
Observed Results:
Inputs were dropped and window has significant performance issues

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